Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ready for Dinner

No news on the construction site.  We had a ton of rain earlier in the week, so I'd be shocked if any big changes happened since we were there on Monday.  We'll check it out again later this weekend.

For now, back to our design plans...

I have to admit that we are not very formal people, especially when it comes to eating.  In fact, we're already taking bets as to how many times a year we think we will end up eating in our formal dining room!

Dining Room in the rear of the house
At least it will look nice during formal dinners!  We look forward to hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas in this room sometime in the future.

After a lot of debate, we decided to go with the upgrade and add hardwood floors to the dining room and the attached butler's pantry.  One of the main decisions to upgrade to the hardwood was to help with the flow and continuity from one room to another in the rear of the house.

We were so excited to learn that the crown molding and chair rail were standard in the dining room.  Well, Nick was the most excited.  His direct quote was, "Look, I've already crossed something off your to-do list!"

Crown molding and standard dining room pendant

We didn't get the upgraded window boxes like those shown in the photo above, but we've looked at some of the kits at Lowe's and Home Depot and think that we might be able to install them ourselves in the future.  By "we" in that last sentence, I mean Nick!  :)

The dining room flows into the kitchen and completes the rear of the house on the main level.  
View from the dining room into the kitchen and beyond to the family room

Ironically, the smallest area of the house is one of the few areas that we already know how we are going to design and decorate.  Unfortunately, the house doesn't come with a butler, but does have a butler's pantry.  My first response was, "A what?" 

Nick standing in the butler's pantry, which is located between the dining room and the formal living room.
When we first looked at the house, we weren't so sure about the area, but after a minor change, we think it has potential to be useful space.  The change we made was to switch out the walls and make one side longer than the other.  Another future neighbor made the same change...

Nick looking at the changed wall layout.

The small change really seems to open up the space and add room for actual furniture in this tiny space.  The space even has a small window to brighten it up. 

In terms of decor, we're thinking of putting our Crate & Barrel cabinets in this area along with our wine shelving from Pottery Barn.

Our wine glass and bottle shelves from Pottery Barn.

Our three C&B cabinets - great storage for vases, placemats & other random items.

No matter how many times we end up eating in the dining room, I'm sure we'll share some special meals in the new house.

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