Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home Office

The final room on the main level is the home office or study. 

Nick checking out a study in a neighbor's house

We anticipate that we'll put a desk and some bookshelves in this area.  Nick may end up working from home one day per week once we make the move, so he'll most likely use this area of the house as his office.  It will also probably be our "Mission Control" area, since we know Nick needs his own little version of NASA to run all the computer systems for the house!

Beautiful french doors that lead to the study

The study as seen in the background behind the stairs off the foyer
 The study is located at the front of the house directly off the foyer.  Like most rooms in the house, it has great natural light with two big windows in the room.

Windows in study

The only other remaining room on the main level is the powder room, which is located right off the main hallway.

Main hallway from front door leading to the kitchen.  Study & powder rooms located on right side of hallway.

We had the option to continue the hardwood into the powder room or to go with a ceramic tile.  Since the main hallway and kitchen area will be hardwood, we decided to keep the hardwood in the powder room.

Main level powder room

Pedestal sink in powder room

And that wraps up the first floor/main level of the house.  Stay tuned for further upates and an introduction to Nick's man cave!!

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