Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The future man cave!

If anyone is looking for Nick starting in April of 2010, you can probably find him in our basement.  He is so excited for his future man cave.  We had some choices when we were designing the house in terms of how much of the basement we wanted to finish off.  We decided to finish off the main section and leave another section unfinished (for now!).   We also added in the extension to the rear of the house, which makes the basement wider.  The drawing below shows the layout as well as the finished vs. unfinished sections.

Along with the main finished section, there will also be a full bathroom downstairs.  We had to make our selections for that bathroom a long time ago.  We decided to go with the dark cherry rouge cabinetry, almond 4x4 ceramic tiles, and a tortoise/mushroom backsplash.

Design selection for basement bathroom

Full bathroom in the basement

Another decision we decided to go with was to have a rough-in for a future bar installed.  Basically, the plumbing is all set and ready to go.  We will need to decide what type of bar we want, the design, etc. at a future time.  You can JUST barely see the plumbing rough-in below in a picture from a neighbor's house.  It's on the extreme right of the picture.

The basement has lots of recess lighting, which really brightens up the space.

Nick is still trying to decide where he wants his future television mounted.  Big decisions!!  Luckily, we will meet with the cable/wiring people right before the drywall goes up, so we still have a few weeks to decide.

I'll leave you this week with a few more basement photos...

The basement stairwell

Basement hallway

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