Friday, December 10, 2010

A Christmas tree room

Everyone needs a "Christmas tree room."  I'm sure you all know what room I'm talking about - the formal living room.  It's the room that you were never allowed to sit in as a child, right???  My only memories of sitting in our formal living room as a child is when the Christmas tree was up in December.  Seeing as Nick and I are not very formal people, we figure we'll see this room from Dec 1st-31st every year!

We've tried brainstorming other uses for the room, but as of right now, we're still taking suggestions.

Our formal living room also came with some very nice and formal crown molding.

We had the option of upgrading to hardwood in this room as well, but we decided to go with carpet in here.

The room does have a great view of the foyer, as well as the front door.

For now, we're planning on putting my living room set from my condo in this area.  It's definitely not priority #1 on our list of rooms that we want to work on right away. 

View from formal living room toward foyer/stairs

Bright light coming in from the windows at the front of the house

It will be nice to see my red couches again, since they've been in storage since 2008...

Hello old friends!
If anyone has any great ideas or suggestions for this room, please feel free to share.  If not, please join us in December 2011 for our first Christmas in the new house!

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