Sunday, December 19, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is.... wood?!?

We got a great surprise today when we arrived in Clarksburg - wood!  It wasn't on our lot yet, but looked like it had just been delivered and was sitting on a neighbor's lot.

Our wood sitting across the street from our lot

Hard to imagine this is our future house!

Not much else appeared to be going on with the lot this week.  It looks like they evened out the ground and pushed the dirt back up against the foundation.  It also looks like they finished the basement flooring.

We've got a basement floor.

Our future backyard got smoothed out.

Future driveway

Back of the house

It's amazing how much gets accomplished in one week in this development.  It appears as though since last Sunday, our neighbor's lot (to the right of our house) has now sold and another neighbor's house (directly across the street) is starting construction.  It also appears as though our other neighbor's (to the left of our house) have moved in.  We saw someone pull out of their garage and give us a friendly wave as they drove by. 

Craftmark lot finally sold next to us.

Lot across the street starting construction

Since we are leaving for New England on Thursday for the holiday, we probably won't see the lot for at least a week and a half.  It's hard to imagine what it could look like by then!

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