Friday, November 12, 2010

Introducing the lady cave

If there is one part of the house that I’m very excited about, it would be the kitchen.  The basement is Nick’s “man-cave,” so the kitchen is my domain!   Perhaps I should start referring to it as the “lady cave.”

Standard Newbury kitchen layout (Picture courtesy of Winchester Homes)

Newbury Kitchen (Picture courtesy of Winchester Homes)

We love the built in desk area of the kitchen.  It's the perfect place to set up a computer, keep cook books, mail, etc. 

We've had access to several of our future neighbors' homes during their construction process so that we can get a better idea of cabinet options, granite selections, flooring choices, layout changes, appliances, etc.  Here's a few more pictures from various Newbury kitchens that we've toured:

Cabinet option - Autumn

Cabinet option - Rouge

Cabinet option - Saddle
There was many other cabinet color options, but those three from the above pictures seemed to be the most popular in the development. 

You can also see in the above pictures that there was an option for rotating and changing the position of the island.

All of the Newbury models have standard double ovens and an island cooktop.

View of kitchen and breakfast area from family room

Windows over the sink
One of the biggest decisions we had to make was regarding flooring in the kitchen area since the standard was a laminate.  The other options were ceramic tile or hardwood. 

Cherry hardwood floors in a neighbor's house

Standard laminate in a neighbor's house

Coming up in the next post... our decisions and changes we made to the kitchen!

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