Friday, November 5, 2010

Floor Plans

As soon as we toured a Newbury Model, we instantly knew that we wanted to build that style home.  We loved the classic lines of the house, as well as the open floor plan on the main living level.  The home has a very traditional New England style and feel to the house.

Newbury Model (Picture courtesy of Winchester Homes)
However, we quickly realized that we were much bigger fans of their "alternate" layout rather than the classic layout.  Winchester Homes has been great with getting us access to a variety of models, layouts, etc. and letting us tour our future neighbors' homes so that we can see a plethora of options and design decisions.  Now that we've seen both layouts, we're really excited that we decided to go with the "alternate" plan.

The classic/original layout of the home has the laundry room located on the first floor or main level right off the garage and kitchen. 

Traditional Main Level (Picture courtesy of Winchester Homes)

Traditional Upper Level (Picture courtesy of Winchester Homes)
We have chosen to move the laundry room upstairs to the bedroom level of the house and convert the main level laundry area into a mudroom.  We figure this will be our primary entrance into the house since we'll be parking in the garage.  This switch also increases the size of our master bedroom suite on the upper level.  All I needed to hear was the our closet was going to be expanded.  SOLD!

Alternate Upper Level (Picture courtesy of Winchester Homes)

Of course, no house would be complete without a man-cave.  We've chosen to have the recreation room and a full bathroom installed in the finished basement.  Nick's already talking about his plans for his "cave."  He even managed to get the rough-in for the future bar installed and into the construction plans.   

Basement (Picture courtesy of Winchester Homes)

We love that we have so much unfinished space in the basement for future rooms and additions, if we ever need it. 

The only other major structural change that we've chosen is to add a four foot extension onto the rear of the house.  This will increase the size of the basement rec room, the family room, and the breakfast area in the kitchen. 

Nick showing the 4 foot extension in a neighbor's house

More information about specific rooms and areas of the house to come in future posts!


Bruce said...

You have made some wonderful decisions. By moving the laundry room to the second floor you have a much better master bedroom flow. Good idea. I think it will take some getting used to having the laundry room upstairs but with your organizational skills you will make it work, Jenn! It certainly makes a much nicer entrance from the garage into the home by removing the washer and dryers and just keeping the laundry tub. Are they keeping the hookups behind the wall though? Your home looks absolutely beautiful.

Bruce said...

Actually the comment above is from Jan!