Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Family Room

I think the room that we’ll probably spend the most amount of time in is the family room, especially since it flows right off of the kitchen.

We’re still unsure of the final fireplace design.  Although we like the standard mantel, we were also looking at a few other options to upgrade to a stone design, like the picture below.  We’re still going back and forth on price and design for that option with the builders.  We do know that our fireplace is going to be pushed out and flush with the wall, like the 2nd picture above.

Standard mantle

Stone/Mantle design idea we are considering for the fireplace

We decided to forgo the additional window over the mantle.  We loved the design and shape of the window, but Nick has big plans for a new flat screen tv to hang over the mantle instead.

Nick continues his hunt for the perfect tv for the family room.  Everytime we talk about it, the potential size gets larger!  That's one decision that he can handle.  I got bored after 5 minutes of staring at tvs in Best Buy and Sam's Club.
One huge benefit to adding the 4 foot expansion is the amount of windows that are then added to the family room. 

The four foot extension includes the additional windows on the back of the house, as well as the two side windows that flank the fireplace.

Nick looking towards our lot from a neighbor's house

We’re so happy with the amount of light that we’ll get in this room, especially in the afternoon since the sun will be setting behind the house.  I see some window treatment shopping in our future.

We’ve been looking at a variety of different couch and sectional options for this room since we’re not quite sure exactly which pieces we will want in this room.   We’re thinking of trying to pick up one of the colors from the kitchen backsplash since the entire area flows together.
We will end up having some sort of a wall between the breakfast area and the family room, like the one seen below:

We decided to stop the hardwood in the breakfast area and go with carpet in the family room and upstairs in the bedrooms.  After a lot of back-and-forth, we decided to go with "Winter Milk."  Everyone advised us to go darker than we think and that carpet will look lighter once it is spread out.  Hard to believe that this was one of the darker options in beige:


Winter Milk carpeting

All our decisions are finally coming together - on paper, at least!

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