Thursday, October 28, 2010

The new neighborhood

Our new house is going to be located in the small town of Clarksburg, which is located in the northern portion of Montgomery County.  Honestly, we barely knew about Clarksburg before we started our new home search last spring.  Luckily, Nick's cousins had just moved there and we fell in love with the neighborhood and the houses there.  After searching and touring previously owned homes, we just never found exactly what we were looking for, so we decided to build.

Clarksburg Village

Our development in Clarksburg (picture courtesy of Winchester Homes website)

Clarksburg Village site plan (picture courtesy of Winchester Homes website)

Our home is being built on a lot that is among 20 or so other lots that are now either for sale or in the construction process.  On the site plan above, we are located at the very top near the first rotary (or round-about, as they say here in Maryland!).  Our future neighbors' homes went from empty lots to full blown brick structures in just a matter of weeks recently.

Hello future neighbors!!

The top of our street consists of 10-15 houses that were built and completed several years ago.

Our new street
Looking towards the top of the street

Top of our street

We're really excited that we managed to get the last lot available that will have some green space behind it.  Basically, instead of another house being built right behind our home, we will have a landscaped area that is maintained by the community.  It will primarily be used as a dry pond for extra water run-off.  We don't have many pictures of this area, but in the photo below you can see the amount of land that will be behind our lot and remain as green space.

Area surrounded by black fence is part of our property & contains a portion of our neighbor's land

We're also lucky that our house will be one house away from the end of the street, which will remain a wooded area with access to a walking trail.  The foliage in Maryland was gorgeous this weekend and we're happy to have these beautiful trees near our new home site.

End of our street

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