Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Delay of Game!

We received an update from the builder about our construction timeline this week.

Apparently a variety of new laws and standards have recently gone into effect in relation to building codes and energy efficiency within the county.  Unfortunately, our permit requests were one of the first to get sent to the county for approval with these new codes, so they are going through everything very carefully and taking their time.  However, the good news is that this will benefit us in the long run because our home will be much more energy efficient and built using these new codes and guidelines.
So, instead of a January/February delivery date, we are now looking at a March/April delivery date.  Thankfully, since we’re living at my condo, we don’t have to worry about when we move out of our current location.   We’ll also continue to save money, so it’s not all bad news.
Construction is on hold until the county comes back with all the permit approvals.  Hopefully this will be sometime in November.  Until then, it’s just a waiting game!  But we can still visit the lot and imagine what our house will look like one day...

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KC said...

and you wont have to move in with snow! :)