Friday, March 2, 2018

Do I Still Blog?

That's a doozy of a question up there, right?  

Truthfully, I love sharing pieces of our life on here.  On the other hand, things have been just so crazy that I rarely get to sit down to upload pics/edit pics/write out a "blurb"/etc.  I'm not sure I'm ready to fully close shop yet and retire from this blog, but I'm sure everyone has noticed that I'm posting less and less these days.  I wish I could commit to more posts, but every time I think I'm going to have a few hours to dedicate to blogging, it just doesn't happen.  Sadly.  

No matter what the future holds, I don't think I would ever shut down the blog or take it down.  If for no other reason, I'll always leave the blog active so that the content from Georgia's original prenatal diagnosis of duodenal atresia, her NICU days, etc. are available to anyone who is searching for information on that term.  The rest has always been fluff to me.

Onto what we have been up to around here since I last posted in January (GULP).  

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a crazy day of back-to-back school parties.  I left work early so that I could join Georgia during her class party.

Georgia and I then dashed over to Grant's party, which was hysterical.  Grant didn't know what we were doing there and couldn't figure out why we weren't leaving when we showed up (since Georgia and I usually pick him up in the afternoons).

Chomping on some veggie straws during a wild and crazy 1 year old party!
He was much happier to get home and break into his V-day gifts, like his beloved goldfish!

It was dinnertime before Georgia and I remembered that we needed to take our annual Valentine's Day twin photo!

Opening presents
Puppies and yogurt - his favorite things!
She begged for a sleep mask!
Georgia has been busy with 1st grade (and celebrating her recent perfect report card!), Girl Scouts, and gymnastics.  She attended her second World Thinking Day a few weekends ago.  Her troop researched all about Argentina, but she had fun checking out all the other countries represented...

Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing around here.  Since I don't work on Tuesdays this year, I got to help with the initial pick-up order.  We needed 4 SUVs to pick up the cookies.  I was chatting with the person in charge (with boxes upon boxes of cookies were loaded into my car) and she said there was over 250,000 boxes of cookies on site that day!  

Imagine truck after truck filled with cookies!
Working a cookie booth at the movie theater last weekend
The latest gymnastics session just wrapped up this week, so we've earned our Tuesday nights back for the next few weeks!

A few weeks ago, we all celebrated the 100th day of school.  Georgia popped some lenses out of an old pair of sunglasses, threw on her jammies and robe and headed to school.  A few hours later, I got a text from her teacher with this image...

Meanwhile, Grant turned 19 months old last week.  I remember Georgia's toddler photo shoots being an absolute nightmare, but this kid brings it to a whole new level.  He will not sit still for 3 seconds!  And though he is fully capable of saying "CHEESE," most of the times when I ask him, he screams "NO!"

18 months old back in January
We were very briefly in and out of the pediatrician's office for his 18 month check up.  They wanted us out as quick as possible with flu season at its peak around here.  Frankly, I didn't even want to bring my healthy kid in there!  Although we always think that Grant is such a peanut, his 18 months stats measured up almost exact to Georgia's 18 month stats.  He measured in at 31 inches (still in the 10%ile).  Sorry, but his NBA career is in major jeopardy!  Ironically, 31 inches was also Georgia's height at this age.  He weighed in at 22.3lbs, which is about a half pound more than Georgia at this age.  Crazy because he seems so small to me!  He is still rocking mostly 12-18 month clothes, but still fits in some 12 month clothes too.  The 18 month stuff seems to drown him right now.  And the poor dude is still rocking a head in the 90%ile!  

Prime example of Mr Attitude!
Nick made the mistake of standing behind me making silly noises to get him to smile.  Instead, he started imitating Nick's crazy faces and noises!
Fresh out of a bath and ready for bed... maybe.
He is EVERYWHERE these days.  One of his newest talents is opening doors (Lord help us).  So if anyone finds Grant wandering the neighborhood, please return him to us.  Frankly, I'm shocked Child Welfare hasn't been called yet due to the shear number of bruises on this kid at all times.  A week without a head injury report from daycare is a miracle!

In the bathtub and I can already spot the next bruise forming on his forehead!
Pajama tea party on a rainy weekend morning
So far, he hasn't gone anywhere once he has opened a door or tried to go up/down the stairs by himself, but it's coming.  This kid is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!  I don't recall Georgia being this dramatic.  He is the King of throwing himself on the floor when he doesn't get his way.  

His vocab has exploded over the past few months.  My absolute favorite right now is "BATTERIES!"  If something is broken or doesn't work or if he can't figure it out, he drags you (literally, by the hand) to the cabinet with the batteries and screams the word at you again and again.... even if batteries aren't the issue!  My mom was watching him one night and she text to let us know that he was almost asleep when his light/sound machine died.  He immediately sat up and started screaming for "BATTERIES!"  Mimi said she knew exactly what he was screaming for and had to go running to find the AAs!

When your sissy in the shower and you steal her old lady glasses!  (Note the fading bruise on the forehead)

Other recent words, include: ROOMBA (he is obsessed), TRUCK, VACUUM, WHERE, BELLY, and AIRPLANE.  He's starting to combine words into short phrases and sentences.  He loves to yell "Where you?" around the house when looking for someone.  Yesterday he spotted the trash guys behind the house and waved "Bye truck!"  And my new personal favorite is "I gotch-you!" when chasing someone or being chased.  We've been working on teaching him his own name, but he can't quite get that one yet.  Nick mentioned yesterday that he stopped outside Grant's classroom and pointed to the other kids' pictures and Grant could name all of them.  It's funny, though, because I feel like Georgia was so much more verbal at this age... such a typical girl!  I tried to get him to say FISH last week and he told me "NO!"

Waving to the trash truck
If we allowed this kid to live on yogurt and applesauce pouches, he would.  Some nights, he wants absolutely nothing to do with dinner or just eats a roll.  Other nights, he eats 10 helpings of dinner and you can't fill him up.  Daycare raves about how much he eats and the variety of food that he eats, so it must just be us!

Inhaling beans and cheese on Taco Tuesday!  I didn't expect either kid to like refried beans, but both of them LOVED them!
His beloved yogurt and raspberries will always be #1
Chasing roomba and teddy!
He is a total night owl and HATES going to bed.  Most nights, he screams and carries on for a good 20-30 minutes until he either wears himself down or one of us go back in to reset him.  Definitely not his sister who practically used to put herself to bed at this age!  Honestly, I think that if we put him into bed with Georgia, he'd probably go right to sleep.  Whatever she does, he wants to do.

The pouty face of a child who does not think his bedhead is as funny as the rest of us thought that morning!
He didn't like it when I told him he looked very Team Canada during the Winter Olympics last week!
This kid also LOVES to watch himself on video.  Really, he loves watching any kids.  He is obsessed with watching all the GoPro videos that Nick has made over the years!  But most of all, he still loves Georgia the best... even though he likes to beat her up too.  If only she realized that she outweighed him by 30ish pounds.

In other news, Mimi was back in Maryland with us for her birthday weekend.  

Nick, Georgia and I managed to sneak off for another day of skiing after we finally got a few inches of snow!

Ready for lesson #2

Georgia was all about skiing well into the early evening...

Of course, just a day or two later and we were welcoming some early spring weather.  Maryland in February = never ending fun weather.

Walking home from school
Onto March and hopefully some beautiful spring weather to warm us all up!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Back to the Slopes...

Nick and I finally made our return to the slopes this weekend... and we got to bring Georgia skiing for her first time ever.  When we dug out our ski equipment, we discovered our last lift passes had the date Feb 2010 on them!  So, just under 8 years since we last skied.  Back then, we managed to ski quite often, including several trips out west to Park City and Montana.  However, time flies when you're busy birthing and raising small humans.

Unfortunately, the mid-Atlantic hasn't quite experienced a snowy winter, but we figured we'd make the best of it and head north to Pennsylvania to get in a day of skiing since Mimi was in town and could watch Grant for the day.  #donttellGrant

When we first arrived at Liberty Mountain Resort, I was trying to figure out if I had ever skied there, but nothing seemed familiar.  I was wrong.  Auntie Melissa quickly reminded me that we were skiing there when she decided that she needed a new ACL!  So, my last day there was brief, but I do recall their ski patrol coming to her rescue.

Georgia was pretty excited for her first day ever of skiing.  We had signed her up for a 2 hour group lesson, along with her cousin, so the adults got to squeeze in a few runs without the kids.  It was like 10 years ago... with just less flexible bodies!

All ready for ski school
Luckily, skiing is apparently a lot like riding a bike.  After a test run down a beginner run, we were ready to hit the quad lift to the top of the mountain and hit some tougher trails.  Even though it was a 60 degree day, the snow was in decent shape especially on the backside of the mountain.  I find that skiing in the mid-Atlantic means that 80% of the people there are learning and/or not comfortable on medium to hard trails.  So, if you can ditch the crowds, you can actually find some decent snow, which was absolutely the case on this day.  The front of the mountain and the easy trails were PACKED, but the backside was empty.

I think I'll need some more practice before attempting a double diamond again anytime soon!
Overall, I was really impressed with Liberty's ski school, especially how they deal with food allergies.  It's a peanut free facility and they had noted her allergy all over the paperwork, on her name tag, etc.  I got to chat with her instructor for a few minutes, hand over her epi-pens and then she was on her own for a few hours!  We got to spy a bit at the end of the lesson...

At her lesson

B and G heading back from their lessons

When we picked her up from her lesson, she claimed it was the "best day ever!"  After some lunch to recharge the batteries (which she INHALED), we still had about 90 minutes left on our lift pass, so we headed back to the bunny hill for some more practice.

First time headed up on the chair lift

You know it's a successful day when the kid eats an entire bag on skittles in the back seat and then promptly passes out...

We're hoping to maybe squeeze in another day skiing when Mimi visits again in February!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Big Christmas 2017 Recap....

Whelp, it's 18 days past Christmas and I've finally managed to upload all of my pictures from our week home in Massachusetts.  I'd go with "better late than than never," but in all honestly, I'm just so thrilled that I've even gotten this far!  It didn't help that Nick and I both upgraded our phones last month, so figuring out a delivery system to get pictures from our phones to my computer also took some time (aka - I needed Nick to do it!).  

December seemed to fly by... as it always does each year.  However, this year seemed to have an extra blur factor to it.  After we returned from our Punta Cana vacation, Nick started a new job after being with his old company for 15+ years before it sold this past year.  It's been an adjustment for all of us, including new schedules, routines, and more.  We also tried to squeeze in as much fun as we could before departing for our annual Massachusetts trip.

Before we get started, if anyone needs Girl Scout cookies, you can find Georgia's digital site HERE.  There is a great option for direct shipping this year and from what we've seen, it's also super fast!  If you live near us, just click on the link that allows us to deliver them straight to your house - Georgia would love to bring you some cookies!

Flashing back to December...

Visiting the winter lights at Seneca Park
Not surprisingly, Grant was #notimpressed by his winter sing along at school!  Feliz Navi... did not.  At least he didn't cry!
Fred the Elf joined us for another year of adventures (and jumps out of bed at 6am to make sure he journeyed to his next location!)
Santa Claus came to visit our neighborhood with the local fire department
Georgia introduced Grant to all of our favorite Christmas movies!
I celebrated #38... ain't getting any younger!
We loved asking Alexa to play holiday tunes for us to dance to most nights!
Grant learned some new party tricks...

Annual gingerbread party with our neighbors
Chaperoning Georgia's field trip to the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum
I surprised Georgia with Nutcracker tickets.  It was her first time seeing the show and she loved everything about our special day out!

Early on the morning of the 23rd, we started our annual trek north to New England.  Luckily, most of my crew slept while I drove us up to Connecticut.  Nick took over the driving while we negotiated an ice storm and some slow traffic the rest of the way.  We made it to Mimi's safely and my children immediately started playing with their favorite new toys of the week... Papa's video poker machines!

My favorite little gamblers
The kids made themselves right at home at Mimi's...

Up and down the stairs 3,980 times a day
Making cupcakes for Christmas
We celebrated Christmas Eve with Nick's family at his brother's house.

We got back to Mimi's house and got dressed in our new Christmas jammies for 2017...

Christmas Eve 2017
Even Papa got his own special jammies this year...

Compared to last year, Grant was all in for Christmas this year.  I'm sure by next year, he'll be a pro.

One last look at the tree before heading to bed

We awoke to a winter wonderland on Christmas morning.  Ironically, I was the first one up.  I figured the kids would be up at the crack of dawn, but around 7:30am, I still hadn't heard any little feet running around so I headed upstairs to check out the situation... and to just enjoy the quiet of a beautiful tree with snow falling outside.

Though we eventually had to wake Grant, Georgia was more than willing to wake up for presents from Santa!  

Christmas morning was double the fun this year with Grant quickly grasping the concept of ripping open presents and finding new treasures to love.  For Grant, it was the year of Elmo, a vacuum cleaner (that he LOVES), lots of trucks and toys that make noise (send me strength), airplanes, Little People toys, a new basketball hoop, and a new bus and fire truck to cruise around on.

For Georgia, this was the year of the LOL Surprise dolls, more Shopkins, Fingerlings, a magical fairy wand, and Wonder Woman gear.

My favorite image from Christmas morning was one of pure joy.  I know the years of Georgia believing in the full magic of Christmas are limited, so I wanted to soak in every second of her excitement.  Of course, monkey see/monkey do.  So, if Georgia is excited about something, so is Grant...

Who knew Operation could cause such elation!??!

After the crazy of Christmas morning was over, it was onto playing with as many toys as humanly possible within the next few hours!  

Waiting for Grant to wake up from his nap!
We headed to Auntie's house for family time, dinner and even more presents... and Murphy!

Within Auntie
The "boys" taught Grant all about knuckles.  Not surprisingly, Grant fell in love with the boys just as much as Georgia did when she was his age.

Huge hugs for Nathan
Playing with Murphy and Mr. Mike
And that's a wrap to Christmas 2017.