Monday, February 27, 2017

Grant - 7 months...

Another exciting month for Grant... the big 7!

The monthly highlights:

On the food front, Grant is all about eating these days!  Little dude can inhale his fruits and veggies.  So far, he's eaten squash, sweet potato, banana, avocado, green beans, peas, carrots, peaches, apples, pears, and apricots.  Tonight, he starts mango (an old favorite of Georgia's!).  So far, peaches seem to be his favorite, but when he's hungry, he'll inhale anything.

I officially retired from pumping on Feb 14th.  Happy Valentine's Day to me!  I made it almost 7 months this time around.  During that time, I managed to pump 45.4 gallons of milk and spent 369 hours hooked up to the pump.  Doing the math, that means I spent 15 days of my life since July 22nd pumping.  Hence, it was time to retire.  We still have a few hundred ounces of milk stored in the basement freezer, so we've introduced formula to him and started mixing bottles 50/50.  So far, no issues!  With the mix, we'll probably be able to get him to 8 months or so before he transitions to all formula.  My goal was always to get him through the majority of winter, so the timing works.

In good news, the formula he's drinking is dairy based, so it looks like we are in the clear with that allergy as well... for now.  We're planning to introduce eggs in the next few weeks to hopefully ward that one off too.  Then, onto tree nuts.  It's always something around here with food.  We're also still doing peanut butter 3x/week, so it's never a boring dinner around here.

He's definitely mastered the whole art of sitting.  He still doesn't love rolling, but he's doing it more and more these days and we're finding that he manages to flip himself over most nights, especially if he wakes up and he's hangry!  He would love to crawl, but he's not quite there yet and mostly just looks like he's swimming in an empty pool.

Georgia remains his most favorite person on the planet.  He can be screaming crying about anything, but if she pops her head anywhere near him, he instantly stops.  He's also starting to show a bit of stranger anxiety when new people are around him or in our house.  He gets over it fairly quickly, but he's still a tad hesitant when handed over to anyone new.

For the most part, he's still a pretty happy little guy.  His teeth seem to be driving him nuts, which is totally understandable considering that he's been teething since FOREVER.  Still no teeth to report, which is shocking to me.  He'll gnaw on anything you put near his mouth.  His favorite is Georgia's little banana rubber toothbrush.  

In other development, he's also babbling away like crazy these days.  It's like you're having a full blown conversation with him that it entirely made up of "blah-blah-blah."

Just like his sister before him, Grant LOVES his cups.  I can't get over how much both of my kids have loved these silly little plastic cups.  I should have bought stock in them back in the day.  It's so fun to play with him these days and Georgia is loving that he is more interactive when playing with her.

Nothing better than two clean kids ready for bed!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Life Lately...

Soooooo... someone in our house got some new teeth.  It wasn't Grant.  Nick and I had absolutely no idea that 6 year old molars were a "thing."  Georgia was at the dentist this week and learned the news that she now has 2 more teeth in her mouth.  All this time, we've been waiting for Grant to get teeth and Georgia was the one growing some new ones!  She was so proud of her 2 new little guys that are just starting to poke up in the back of her mouth.

Grant has discovered his tongue, though.  He loves to chew away on it.  (Note the Thanksgiving outfit.  I refer to it as his "outfit of shame" since he comes home wearing it several times a week from daycare after spitting up or pooping on his original outfit that he got to sent to school wearing!).


Meanwhile, Grant is just happy to jump, jump, jump the day away at school.  At least he's happy when I arrive to pick him up.  


Picking up my little buddy at school this week

When not jumping, Grant is VERY interested in food.  Any food.  Particularly, any food that the rest of us are eating.  Since, he's a second child, we pretty much just hand it over to give him a lick or two.  This week, he was pretty happy with some plain penne pasta!

He still loves his bath time.  There's nothing cuter than a clean baby...

Bucket head

This week, we celebrated Valentine's Day...

I ran out of work early on Tuesday so that I could attend Georgia's party in kindergarten.  She was so excited for party day!

Showing me around her classroom

Tuesday also happened to be Georgia's Jump Rope for Heart day at school, so she was also sporting some new "jewels" that she earned by fundraising for the American Heart Association.  Thank you to everyone who donated to her event.

Miss G was STARVING after all her jump roping because she inhaled several of the safe cupcakes that I brought for the party.  Valentine's Day and Halloween can be a tad stressful for food allergy families, but I've found that being one of the room parents definitely gives me some control of the food situation since I run the Sign Up Genius for the party.  Her school also highly encourages all parents to contribute items that peanut/tree nut free, so she was able to eat a good chunk of the food at her class party.  

Chocolate face

After the party, G and I ran over to our local outlets to grab some candy for Daddy for Valentine's Day.  While there, we had to throw some coins in the fountain!

Just a typical V-Day around our house these days...



Grant most enjoyed eating his cards.  Thank you to everyone who sent both the kids cards and dollars.  Georgia loved depositing both her and Grant's earnings into their piggy banks!

Mimi arrived for her annual February visit on Thursday night.

Georgia and her daisy troop participated in World Thinking Day on Friday evening at the high school.  It involved all the daisy, girl scout, cadet, etc. troops in town.  Georgia's troop learned all about Madagascar and were charged with sharing that info with the other girls.  I was so impressed to watch Georgia talk to the other girls and tell them all about lemurs and games that kids in Madagascar play.  I was especially impressed that she was more than willing to talk to the "big girls."

Handing out lemur passport stickers

The weather this weekend has been GORGEOUS!  Apparently there will be no snow in Maryland this year, so we might as well move right to spring.  Although I really want my 4 paid snow days, I won't complain about 70+ degrees in February either.

Watching the kids play

Pretty much the entire neighborhood was out celebrating the nice weather.  It looked like a beautiful spring day in MD!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Babies = No Snow + Boston Champshionships

New theory... whenever I have a baby, Maryland doesn't have a winter.  Back in 2011, when I went back to work in November (after having Georgia in April), we didn't have a single delay or snow day.  Five years later and I go back to school again in November (after having Grant in July) and no delays/snow days yet this year.  It makes for a long winter, especially with lots of germs and bugs going around.  It's tough to stay healthy when the building doesn't get a chance to air out!  Grant has been fighting off the sniffles and now Nick is down with a sore throat.  The joys of winter.

The mid-February catch up...

February brings Valentine's Day, which isn't exactly the most fun holiday for a kid who can't eat a lot of chocolate snacks and treats.  So, I surprised Georgia with something else to kick off the month... matching leggings with Mommy!  She couldn't wait to surprise Nick when he came downstairs to find us with our matching outfits.

She's also into anything Shopkins these days (Lord, help me), so this shirt from Mimi is her new pride and joy!

Everyday, Grant adores her more and more.  Now that he's sitting up and playing with toys, she'll sit with him and play cups with him or hand him things that get just beyond his reach.

The hardest times at our house are the nights that we do peanut butter with Grant and need to separate the two of them from dinner until bedtime.  It's craziness.  I wish I could say it's going smoothly, but trying to force feed a 6 month old doesn't always go so well.  Some nights, it's easy as pie.  Other nights, it's like hosting a food fight in the master bathroom.  We've had many nights where it's just impossible with our schedule, especially if Grant comes home tired or his eating schedule doesn't align with our nightly routine.  We've quickly discovered that a tired and starving little guy does not make for a patient peanut butter eater!

Some nights, your just want one of your sister's french fries!

Last week, Nick was cooking dinner and we were all running around like crazy (aka - a typical week night) and my phone rang.  I saw it was our allergist and I thought she was just calling to check in on Grant.  However, she was calling about Georgia.  She's starting a new program for peanut desensitization therapy and wants Georgia as patient #1.  I had previously done research on the trials, but the closet location in Maryland was in Baltimore.  It's an almost daily treatment and very time-consuming, both in terms of doctor's visits and then the home follow-up.  She's working on preparing her office while we consider the program.  There are many pros and cons.  It's not a cure.  It could end with us in the ER... repeatedly.  It's a lot to think about and it consumes my mind most nights as I drift off to sleep.  There's no guarantees, but it's a chance to make peanuts slightly less dangerous in the end for her.  During my internal debates I keep thinking to the future and what it might mean when she's a teenager or off at college.  Oh, the joys of parenting.

The SuperBowl was big news in our house last weekend.  I spent part of the day running around prepping for the neighbors to come over for the game.  I needed to run upstairs to throw some clothes in the dryer, so I plopped Grant next to Georgia in the play room.  As I was in the laundry room, I heard screams of ROAR followed by both kids cracking up.  I went downstairs to find the following...

I'm sure it won't be the last time that Georgia dresses up her little brother

The good news is that although my babies mean no snow, they do usually bring Boston a championship.  The Bruins won the week that Georgia came home from the NICU.  Grant got the Pats this year.  Georgia was thrilled to wake up on Monday morning to discover that the Pats ended up pulling out the win.  She wasn't too pleased when she went to bed at halftime!

Wearing our celebratory gear on Monday!

Later in the week, Georgia and I had to pick up all of her Girl Scout cookies that she sold.  

Thank you to everyone who supported her troop and purchased cookies from her!  I shipped out a few boxes to New England on Saturday morning.  Maybe when it finally stops snowing up there (I'm horribly jealous), they'll arrive!

Sorting out the cookies

This guy would love to get his hands on a cookie or two...

The fuzzball hair continues...