Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mid-March Update...

So, the big hyped up storm that they predicted for the mid-Atlantic and that I referenced in my last post... well, it was a bust.  Like, big time bust.  We went to bed expecting 10+ inches of snow and woke up to a few inches and an icy mess.  I heard the sleet hitting the bedroom windows around 3am and knew it was over!  So much for big snow this year.  But, it did earn us our only snow day of the school year, so it was worth something.  It also gave Grant time to wear his snow suit for approximately 33 seconds and for Nick to spend the entire day outside playing with his new snowblower.  

Before the snow, we celebrated Bennett turning 5.  Grant loved going into the bounce house with the big kids!


Someone was having so much fun, he refused to nap!

Georgia was a huge fan of the mini-zipline...


On Tuesday morning, we woke up to about 1/4 of the predicted snow, but we made the best of it...

That was pretty much the only picture that I got of Georgia.  By the time that I got outside, she was across the street and played with the neighborhood kids for hours building the world's tiniest snowman.

Nick was over the MOON about the snow.  He didn't care if it rained, he was using his new snowblower.  He bought his new toy 14 months ago after the major blizzard.  Since then, no snow in Maryland.  He was so excited.  

Prepping his toy

Doesn't take a lot to make him happy!

Meanwhile, this one finally came stumbling home...

We headed inside for a lunch break and decided to use our extra home time to try and teach Grant how to crawl!

He may end up being one of those wacky kids who crawls backwards.  Currently, he likes to lay on his back, dig in his heels and pile drive himself backwards again and again.  Shockingly, he makes good progress... and hasn't sustained rug burn on the back of his head.... YET!

Guaranteed that Georgia walked in behind me - instant smile and staring at her!

After some crawling practice, we decided it was time for Grant to brave the great outdoors and meet snow.  He wasn't too impressed!

Ready to go!

The whole snowsuit thing was baffling to him.  It was like he forgot that he could bend!

My little snow buddy

Snow day fun...

I can't believe this little goober is 8 months old this week.  He is the happiest little camper.  A toothless happy little camper...

Where in the world are your teeth, buddy?!?

It's not slowing him down... inhaling shredded chicken!

Grant might not be talking yet, but he can certainly communicate what he wants...


In other news this week... Happy St Patrick's Day from my Irish crew!

He LOVES her!

Both Grant and Georgia have fit into that same shamrock onesie over the years.

Georgia - 2012 - 10 months old

One thing is for sure, when Grant does decide to start really moving around, we're totally screwed.  This kid is trouble...

Trying to escape his tub!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Back to Winter...

Happy Sunday morning!  As I type, we're watching the morning news, which is all about the HYPE about potential winter weather for us this week.  Everyone here is over the moon since we haven't had even an inch of snow yet this year.  We have 4 snow days to burn (or we are all essentially "working for free" for those 4 days).  Bring it on!  Sorry daffodils.

The Thoman week...

Georgia and Nick hit up the indoor pool for some winter swimming last weekend.  Grant and I stayed home and I got in some quality cuddles.

My heart knows that these days are numbered, so I'll take whatever I can get.

I got in a second set of cuddles later in the week when I was rocking him to sleep too. 

Don't worry - Grant had plenty of awake time this week too.  In fact, he had a blast waking up his sister on Thursday...

So far, Georgia is all Nick when it comes to waking up.... GRUMPY!  Grant is more like me... once he's up, he's up and pretty much ready to start the day.  I plopped him into bed with Ms. Grumpy and even Georgia couldn't resist that gummy smile (STILL no teeth!).

Grant also tried some new foods this week.  His new favorite is baby yogurt.  It only gave me a mild heart attack to give it to him knowing that was the food that Georgia first reacted to five years ago.  But, Grant inhaled his yogurt (just like Georgia did) and then NO REACTION.  Phew.  

He also tried roasted parsnips and ate some of the broccoli right off my plate at dinner.  YUMMY!

Grant's ability to pick up food is improving each and every day.  We introduced puffs about a week ago and he was really struggling with getting them into his mouth (and not choking) on them.  But, by the end of the week, he's become a master of grabbing a handful of them and shoving his entire fist into his mouth!


Georgia also had him in high-five bootcamp last weekend.


Honestly, some days, I think Georgia could just stare at Grant and he'd think she was funny.  He just adores her.  It's just the best thing to watch.  She walks in a room and is instantly his entire world.


Other weekly randoms...

Our little shark still loves bath time.

Ironically, right after I took the photo above, Georgia showed up in my timehop and there's really no arguing that these kids are related (Georgia was just a few months older at the time).

I managed to escape for a few hours on Thursday night to finally go back to blonde after spending the fall/winter as a brunette, so now Grant and I are twins!  But, he definitely had the hair moment of the week when he rocked his first mohawk...

He also discovered the joys of eating wrapping paper... cause what 7 month old doesn't think that wrapping paper is the best part of the present?!?

Most days, he's just our happy little camper...

And with that, let's hope that I update next weekend with lots of SNOW pictures!!  Hoping Grant gets his first blizzard experience, Georgia gets her first kindergarten snow days, and Nick gets to finally use his snowblower.  

Saturday, March 4, 2017

February Life...

Just a little catch-up on pictures and what's been going on around here lately.

We celebrated Mimi's birthday when she was here visiting a few weekends back...

Every year for Mimi's birthday, Georgia demands that we make her cupcakes!

Grant was not pleased that he couldn't eat the cupcakes, so he did his best to raid the Lindt balls....


Girl Scout cookie season is almost over... thank goodness.  Georgia has been selling cookies since December.  I've definitely learned some lessons this first year and feel confident I'll have a better grasp on all this stuff when it rolls around again next year (aka - just order an extra case of thin mints and samoas to save myself from having to "restock" time and time again from our troop's cookie mom).  

Yes, we actually do accept credit card!  Hahaha

Winter decided to never show up here in the mid-Atlantic.  On Wednesday, it was almost 80 degrees.  Totally ridiculous.  Then, an afternoon thunderstorm rolled into town.  I got home to find the deck in absolute disarray.  

We still can't figure out what wind managed to get that wicker/orange chair behind the table/chair set

Meanwhile in the front yard, our first daffodil of the season showed up... on March 1st.  So crazy!  Even the Cherry Blossoms are starting to come out.

Grant and I even walked up to the school to pick up Georgia this week.

On the food front, Nick and I were gifted 3 free Hello Fresh meals from one of my co-workers.  Overall, we really liked the meals, but the prep was way too intensive.  They might be good for the weekend for us, but on a weekday, it was too much chopping, boiling, zesting, etc. when I'm also trying to feed two other kids.  Georgia wasn't able to eat the meals because they all had a cross-contamination warning on them.  So, even though they were tasty and we liked trying new things, there is just no time for me to deal with all their prep steps during the week!

This big guy has been teething like crazy all week (STILL no teeth) and also has been nursing a stuffy nose and lots of green gunk.  Ewwwwww.  Thankfully, he's still pretty happy, even with all the snot and junk coming out of his raw little nose.  Like all babies, getting his nose wiped is apparently THE most traumatic thing that could ever happen to him!

I love belly rolls!



He makes a good pillow


On the peanut butter front... It's like 2 steps forward and 1 step back.  

Eating like a big boy on Friday night

Last Sunday night, Nick took Georgia out to deliver some cookies to his co-workers.  Grant and I went upstairs to do our peanut butter dinner/bath.  Oh boy.  About halfway through dinner, he grabbed the spoon from me and managed to cover himself head to toe in peanut butter applesauce before I wrestled it back from him.  Needless to say, his bath was an extra special event that night...

I basically had to waterboard this baby to get him clean!

Last weekend, Nick took Georgia to a neighbor's birthday party at Climb Zone.  Grant and I hung at home, but kept receiving his text pictures and videos.  The place looked amazing and G had a blast spending the afternoon climbing and pretending to be on "American Ninja Warrior."



Last weekend, Georgia also wrapped up her winter gymnastic session.  It's onto dance and tball for the spring!

Last weekend, we also finally got to meet the newest edition to the family, Baby Elliot!  Grant seemed to enjoy not being the youngest and loved meeting his new California cousin.

Onto March...