Monday, September 18, 2017

September 2017...

I'm a woman of few words today.  I'm on day #5 of antibiotics for my mystery throat illness (strep tests were negative).  Georgia has the sniffles.  Grant has had a low grade fever the past 24 hours.  Nick is DOOMED!!!  Lol.

Around our world the past week or so...

My mystery illness started last Friday evening, so I missed opening day on Saturday for Georgia's baseball season.  Nick handled daddy duties and took Grant along with them to the game so that I could go back to bed and crash for a bit.


Georgia and I did manage to spend a few minutes that afternoon writing down some ideas for fall outings/events.  We loved having our summer checklist, so we're planning to work off this fall list for the next few months.

On Sunday, Nick took Grant up the street for a hair cut.  He lasted quite awhile since his 1st official trim back in June, but his mullet was getting out of control again.  I was a little confused when they came home and Grant was sporting a "baby's 1st haircut certificate."  Apparently, Nick didn't have the heart to break it to the ladies at the Hair Cuttery that it wasn't Gran't 1st rodeo!

On Monday, Nick worked from home and our long-awaited storm/screen door install finally happened.  After several trips back and forth to Lowes, the HOA application, signatures from neighbors, talking to the install people for measurement, scheduling the install, delivery of the door, and Nick attending the HOA meeting with all the papers.... it FINALLY went up!

Feels good to finally cross off a project that has been 5 years in the making!
Georgia's #1 request to Alexa most days during our dance party hours... "Sweet Caroline!"


On Tuesday night, our regularly scheduled baseball practice was substituted with a game instead.  It was a gorgeous night for some baseball...

Look at that beautiful stance!
Cheering on his favorite sister

On Wednesday night, Georgia had her 1st CCD class and then we rushed home to inhale some food before I turned around and headed back out for a PTA meeting.  It was another gorgeous night, so Nick brought the kids up to the school for some playground fun.


Grant is finally starting to figure out that if he wants to keep up with his sister and her friends, he's gonna need to walk.  He still has ZERO motivation and if he thinks he can make it somewhere faster by crawling, he will drop and go 90mph on his hands and knees.  But, maybe, this is a start?!?!  Almost 14 months later...


The other fun thing to do these days is to climb the stairs repeatedly and then try to throw yourself down them...

We scored a new toy chest/bench to try to control the crazy toy situation in this house.  The most exciting part... the box!  Endless entertainment this past weekend.

Eating some berries and chilling in a box
When your head is in the 90% or higher, you can easily fit into your older sister's baseball hat...

Look out world, here he comes...



On Saturday evening, we headed to The Great Frederick Fair.  We had never been to this fair before, but we've declared it a new family favorite!

Celebrating nut-free donuts!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Back to School 2017!

We have all officially survived the first week of school.  Barely.  As in, I'm writing this from the couch nursing a sore throat after just 4 days of school.

Since the Governor declared that school in Maryland could not start until after Labor Day this year, it feels like we are getting a late start with everything.  August was much colder than normal around here, which also makes it feel like we're much deeper into fall than we really are at this point in late summer/early fall.

On the Friday before school started, we all got to go see Georgia's classroom and her locker during Open House.  She was most excited about her locker... and that her classroom is upstairs this year!  Her teacher lives in our neighborhood and I've known her for years, so we're all really excited for Georgia to have a great year in 1st grade.  

Georgia was also thrilled to see some familiar faces/names in her classroom from kindergarten, as well as from the neighborhood and from her daycare center.  Ironically, I think they separated all the kids from her daycare into different kindergarten classes, but a good chunk of them seem to be reunited in her 1st grade class.

Standing next to her locker
In her new classroom!

On the Sunday before Labor Day, we had one final "summer" movie night in the backyard before everyone kicked off the school year.

Notice Grant all tucked in under the Red Sox blanket - he loved movie night!
We officially ended summer with a final day at the pool.  We swam for a few hours, got pizza delivered and waved goodbye to the pool until May.  The one thing that was never accomplished on our summer to-do list (besides camping, which we've moved to fall) was Georgia earning her swim band.  Frankly, we just never had time to devote to it this summer.  She can swim like a fish and dives down to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve dive sticks/rings, but you tell her to tread water for 60 seconds (part of the swim test) and she freaks out and refuses to even attempt it.  If she could swim in place for 1 minute or float, she'd be fine.  But she has to do it a certain way and she refused to even attempt the test.  So, something for next summer's list!

Inventing some sort of game during adult swim
Dance party

This dude, loved his final pool day of the season, especially just watching the kids.

Already needing a haircut again!
Watching the kids swim while taking a break

Some final shots as we said goodbye to the pool for 2017...

On Tuesday, we were all up and ready to walk to school for the first day!  The best part is that with my new schedule this year, I was off on Tuesday, so I got to join in on the 1st day fun!!

With the neighbors...

Grant LOVED everything about school drop-off --- the kids, the cars, the action, the crossing guard and her whistle.

Georgia came home loving 1st grade and had a great week overall.  Grant continued to think his new morning walk up to the school was the best!


Grant is aiming for stitches any day with the daily mischief he causes around this house.  He's on the cusp of walking any day.  He's been standing for 5-10 seconds without holding onto anything and he's constantly rearranging the furniture and trying to escape the gates.
Just pushing around a box of popcorn to help him get around the kitchen

Pushing a chair over to the front gate to try and escape
Just climbing chairs and fantasizing about escaping out the back!
Pushing around the stools
His new favorite game... Cheers!


And, of course, always playing with Georgia (and her old toys).