Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer - Week #5

**I'll jump back to summarizing Grant at 12 months, but I wanted to catch up on some other pictures, updates, etc!  AKA - I am a full month behind on recaps because summer is summer and we've been too busy enjoying every second of it while it lasts!**

After a weekend celebrating Grant's 1st birthday, we got back to checking things off our summer to-do list and enjoying actually being HOME for the last week of July and the month of August.

While Mimi was still here for Grant's birthday, Nick and I took an afternoon to go see the sunflowers at McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area.  Georgia and I discovered these fields last summer and it was the last adventure that her and I had together before I gave birth to Grant. I couldn't believe that I had lived in this area for 10+ years and I never knew they existed before last summer!  Nick had never been, so I was excited to show him.  Georgia was more interested in playing with Mimi and Grant, so Nick and I headed out on our own.

Nick flying his drone in the fields

Of course, as soon as Georgia saw our pictures, she declared that she wanted to go back and see the flowers again.  So, later in the week, we headed out for ANOTHER viewing of the flowers (thank goodness they bloom for several weeks!).

Her favorite flower!
This woman was amazing!  She told Georgia that she should have brought her paint set!!
The best part of our outing... we stopped on the way home for Dole Whip!  If you don't know what Dole Whip is, then you are missing out.  It's nut-free and dairy-free frozen yogurt, which means it is completely Georgia safe.  Typically, the only time that Georgia gets to eat it is when we are in Disney World.  Not anymore!  Our local sweetFrog chain now sells it.  Nick and I scouted them out the previous week to check out the scene (because the store definitely sells other dairy and nut flavors).  Amazingly, it is in it's own dedicated machine.  YES!!!!  And it tastes amazing.  Pineapple deliciousness.  Game changer.  We can officially bring our kid out for ice cream now.

Just look at her face!
I would seriously pay like $20/oz just to make her this happy over a totally "normal" kid thing to do - go out and grab some ice cream with your parents!
In other news from the week...

Georgia has figured out that she can treat Grant just like KC.  He loves to play the laser pointer game too!

Everyone loves daddy cuddle time...

This kid is gonna be the death of me.  You can't turn your back for 2 seconds...

We've been trying to teach Grant the whole concept of hide-n-seek.  Can't say that he quite gets it yet, but he likes hiding and finding people.  We just need to work on not doing it at the same exact time.


One item on Georgia's summer to-do list was to pick peaches.  We had never picked peaches anywhere locally, so it took some googling, but we found a farm in nearby Woodbine that was advertising peach and blackberry picking.  We hopped into the car and headed out on a peach picking adventure at Larriland Farm.  

After a quick lesson from one of the farm workers about what we were looking for in terms of picking, we were off...

Some big storms had gone through the area the night before and the fields showed it.  Almost every row had multiple trees down.

My Georgia peach picking some peaches...

Our haul for the day...

And some blackberries too!

Georgia and I wrapped up our 5th week of summer with a rainy day at the mall.  Another one of our summer to-do items was to visit Build-A-Bear and use a gift card that Georgia had from Papa.  Since the forecast was for rain, rain, rain all day long, we headed to the mall and Georgia built herself a new friend.  After some shopping, we grabbed lunch at Cava (nut free - wahoo!) and then headed to the movies to see "Cars 3."

Entire movie to ourselves!
By the time we got home from the movies, the rain was drying out and we had the craziest bright pink/orange sun set that evening!

No filters - just my iPhone

Georgia had talked about camping earlier in the week, but obviously the ground was pretty wet from all the rain that day.  No problem - we improvised.  Nick and Georgia camped out in the basement (and she has spent the rest of the summer sleeping down there on/off again).  She absolutely loves it.  We thought she might be scared to sleep down there by herself - nope!

We wrapped up the week with officially declaring "UH-OH" as Grant's first word.  We've heard lots of "Mama, Dada, Aja," but we can't with 100% certainly declare those his first words (since he tends to use them inconsistently).  When your mom is a Speech Language Pathologist, you tend to get your language a bit more analyzed!  Sorry, buddy.  But, "UH-OH" was clear as day... and he hasn't stopped saying it.  All day.  Every day.  It's going in the baby book as word #1 on 7/29/17.  Exactly 1 week after turning 1.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Grant - 1st Birthday Pictures - Part 2

More of my favorite pictures from Grant's recent 1st birthday/cake smash photo shoot.  Part 1 is HERE.

We did a quick outfit change before the second part of the photo shoot... the cake smash.

They really do love each other... most days.

Ohhhhhh cake!

Perhaps he prefers chocolate?!?!

I had found an image online of a 1st birthday cake smash where the Dad holds the baby (covered in cake) over the cake upside down and I knew we had to re-create that shot with Grant, who LOVES to be upside down!  They turned out to be some of my favorite images from the entire shoot.

And you know a 1 year-old is done with pictures when it ends like this (but he did last for 45+ minutes, which is a miracle!)...

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Grant - 1st Birthday Pictures - Part 1

We had professional pictures taken the week after Grant's birthday.  Although the main focus was the birthday boy himself, we also asked that Georgia be included for a portion of the shoot.  

As I mentioned with our newborn pictures, our usual photographer has gone completely AWOL.  We tried out a new photographer for Grant's newborn pictures and the images are amazing and we love them, BUT (and it's a huge BUT for me), her communication skills were a little lacking for me.  Weeks went by without her ever contacting me or responding to emails.  So... back to the drawing board.  

Our neighborhood's Facebook community page is very active, so I got some recommendations from there and contacted a few different people.  We were so lucky to stumble upon Lauren McCormick Photography.  She was awesome to work with and I hope we'll be doing pictures with her for a long time to come!

A few images from the day...

We decided to go with a red/blue theme for the shoot and I'm so happy with how it came out!  Grant LOVED the balloons.

We weren't sure how Grant would do with pictures at this age, so it was all a gamble.  It took a few pictures to warm up, but having his best buddy there with him really helped.

Looking a little terrified in the beginning

I just adore this next picture, even if Grant's reaction is "What the hell does she want from me now?!?!"


And my absolute most favorite image from the day is the next picture.  The whole shoot all I kept thinking was "just give me one great image of the two of them together."  BAM...